How the seeds got germinated

Every concept, no matter how mundane or unique, is a brainchild of someone who translates it into a reality. Rack 4 Pro, which can be aptly termed as an ever-ending Mission, was conceived by a sports enthusiast who witnessed the struggle of sports-inclined people who were searching for a suitable sports learning platform for their children. He saw them running from academy to academy, but the feedback was that there is complete commercialization sans quality. This sports aficionado along with some selected veterans of different sports decided to put an end to the uncertainty in the minds of numerous enthusiastic parents by providing quality sports coaching on state-of-the-art sports infrastructure to the children; hence Rack 4 Pro took birth.

Rack 4 Pro Sports Academy is not simply a regular Academy, where aspirants come, sweat out, pack their accessories and call it a day. Each member of the Academy is firmly determined to bring the entity’s slogan “we breathe and live Sports” into the real lives of each aspirant entering the gates.

Key Objectives

We at Rack 4 Pro Sports Academy have some clear-cut objectives and we live by it with a strong sense of pride and honour.
Our Objectives are:

  • To facilitate quality mentoring for true enthusiasts.
  • To provide a suitable platform for the real dedicated and devoted sports torchbearers.
  • To bring best techniques, approaches, and equipment within the reach of our coaches and aspirants alike.
  • To extend cost-effective services in order to serve the highest number of enthusiasts.
  • To identify, discover, and nurture latent talents who are unaware of their own self.
  • To produce best sportspersons who may represent the nation on global platforms.


We have our basic yet broad Philosophy in place, which makes us think on different tangents and explore different aspects that otherwise do not receive much heed and attention.

  • It is not simply coaching, but it is nurturing, mentoring, and envisioning together with the aspirants.
  • It is not simply playing, but viewing it as a way of life and growing with it in a boundless manner.
  • It is not merely a form of exercising, however, a path for an exciting and meaningful career.
  • It is not the body alone, but the mind and heart as well, that turn more stable, stronger, and credible.
  • It is not only for self, but for the others to get inspired and emulate.

Our Vision

To create such sports ecosystem, equipped with the best techniques, devices, and coaches, so that the nation becomes the learning hub for sports enthusiasts from all the parts of the globe. Further, to produce such players who bring laurels to the nation in all the events of international stature. Moreover, to make sports as an integral part of every citizen’s life so that they stay fit and healthy-physically, mentally, and morally.

Our Mission

To join hands with like-minded individuals and groups in order to endorse the essence of our Philosophy and open Centres of Sports Excellence in different parts of the country in order to extend benefits to the maximum number of energetic sports enthusiasts who are searching for a suitable sports haven and platform to grow and excel.

Our Seasoned Dreamers

Coaches in the context of sports are the backbone. They add the flames of dreaming, visualizing and working closely with the enthusiasts to translate the aspirations into tangible success. We cannot talk about other academies, but Rack 4 Pro provides the most suitable and stable platform to the coaches so that they may experiment, evolve, and achieve better each time.

The coaches are our assets, in fact, we call them Dreamers here. They simply wish to put all their experience and exposure to bring out the best in all the aspirants and we only do one right thing- “We Encourage.”

We have Dreamers for different sports. Their experience, attainments, achievements, and approach are different, but a few attributes are common.

  • They know their job in absolute terms.
  • They are highly dedicated and truly devoted towards their assignment of delivering the best.
  • They believe in providing individual attention.
  • They love to experiment and they do it without any hindrances.
  • They eat, sleep, dream, drink, and practice Mentoring.
  • They are the best sports pals of each aspirant.


Once you enter the sports academy you will experience the latest in group fitness programming and innovating fitness
equipment and genuine support of our certified staff that will help you.

Rack 4 Pro Skating Image


The coordination of the entire body, concentration, agility, and swiftness are the best gifts of Skating.

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Lawn Tennis Image


Running between two ends of the Court in the most controlled manner, firm grip on the racquet, and eyes constantly on the swinging ball implies a high level of flexibility, agility, presence of mind, and stamina.

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Rack 4 Pro Basketball Image


Rack 4 Pro Sports Academy’s has a new addition to its Sports armory and in collaboration with NBA, it is the best Basketball academy in Noida.

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Rack 4 Pro athletics Image


When every single muscle of the body comes into play, grit and determination are equally demanded along with stamina and strength, only then the real show of athletics can be enjoyed.

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Rack 4 Pro Swimming Image


Be it backstroke, butterfly stroke or any other kind of style, our dexterous and well-experienced swimming coaches train you in all. Be it for the beginners or for seasoned ones, we not only train to swim with ease and for long,

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Rack 4 Pro Boxing


The punches, blows and moves in the ring tell all. It narrates how much perseverance and patience, have you got besides strength. We at Rack 4 Pro Sports Academy inculcate these characteristics that define true boxers.

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Rack 4 Pro Squash


The Academy has 2 standardized squash courts with maple wood flooring with EN norms such as ball bounce, shock absorption and others.

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Rack 4 Pro Gymnastics Image


If you really wish to make your whole body elastic, join our gymnastics sessions. Your body will get transformed into a free flowing entity,

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Rack 4 Pro Badminton Image


Rack 4 Pro Sports Academy is a huge votary of the game, Badminton. It is a fast-emerging game in India and the nation has produced some finest shuttlers. The Academy seeks to prepare players who have an undying passion for the game.

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Rack 4 Pro  Martial ArtImage


It is not always about attacking, in fact, it hardly is. What is required in today’s scenario is that the defence techniques that may ensure safety and security. Different forms of martial arts turn the normal beings into a powerful mobile weapon.

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Rack 4 Pro Cricket Image


Cricket is an indisputable religion in India and has its own special significance. Rack 4 Pro Sports Academy provides the best Cricket Academy in the region.

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Rack 4 Pro Soccer Image


Running in rhythm with a ball and to ensure that it reaches its destination, i.e. inside the goalpost, when equally or more strong and deft opponents make every effort to not let it happen is a game of true excitement.

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Rack 4 Table Tennis Image


The popularity of Table Tennis has increased by leaps & bounds over the years

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Rack 4 Pro Yoga


It is a proven and universal fact that Yoga is a traditional science that heals mind, body, soul absolutely and completely. The world has realized its importance and how can we leave it behind when it has evolved from the soil of our nation.

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We are Unusual

We have often heard and overheard people stating that we are unusual and different from others. We know for a fact that we are. We have been able to jot down a few fine factors that make us different from other academies operating around the world.

  • Rack 4 Pro Sports Academy is not a commercial set-up for us, but our ever-ending mission.
  • We pick and choose the best and most dedicated Dreamers and provide them space to deliver the best.
  • We never compromise on the quality aspect, be it equipment, coaching, and events.
  • We work on the nurturing bit of our Dreamers and aspirants alike in a continuous manner.
  • We are sanely insane for sports and everyone associated with us, directly and indirectly.
  • We endorse sports as a way of life and not simply exercising.
  • We believe in carving career paths for our aspirants and assist them to embark on it with no hiccups in place.

Gallery and Videos

Some Useful Tips

We are determined to bring useful and beneficial pieces of information that may help you to enhance endurance, learn the ethos of teamwork, increase stamina, maintain balance between sports and other commitments, emerging trends in sports and many more.

We will share exciting pieces of information on a continual basis here. You are requested not to miss it for your own good and ours.

Join the Drive

We will be most delighted to hear from your end regarding any form of association. This mission is by, for, and of the sports enthusiasts and if you share our philosophy or find it apt, get in touch with us without any delay. Kindly fill in this tiny form with all the details as mandatory and our concerned team member will get in touch with you in no time. You may straight away call us up if you do not wish to wait for the time taken to go through the information furnished by you and contact you.


RACK 4 PRO Sports Academy has been set up in year 2017 with a vision to nurture and develop talent of word class calibre by adopting international coaching techniques and training.

The founders of the Academy, having won numerous competitive awards in various sports, possessed the expertise and technical know-how required to create a world-class sports training facility.

The RACK 4 PRO Sports Academy imparts high class training and coaching to young players who are willing to excel in competitive Sports arena and who exhibit talent to grow higher in the field.


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We are all about sports!

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