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Aerobics is a rhythmic physical exercise with stretching and strength gain training routines, aiming at improving all the elements of fitness. Rack 4 Pro Sports Academy designs courses for different groups led by trained instructors. The groups are divided into levels of intensity and complexity taught by a certified instructor with a specialty to that particular area, related to that individual group. Regular practice of Aerobics is a great way of improving body flexibility, muscular strength and an amazing cardio-vascular fitness. It is recommended for almost all age groups. It is popular among youth as it is taken not only as an exercise with music but also as a dancing activity. Enjoy an hour of Aerobics everyday as it opens up your body, gives you flexibility, energizes your day and helps you lose weight.

Time : 04:00pm- 05:00pm ( Option for 3 Days & 6 days both)

Days: Monday to Saturday

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